Joining Mentrix


I wrote about moving on from The Economist and looked back at my years with them. Now, it is time I look forward (in all kinds of ways) and blaze a trail with Diana Montalion as Mentrix Group. What is Mentrix? That is the first question I get asked and I’m still crafting a concise answer. tl;dr: Mentrix is an opportunity to immerse in the technical challenges I enjoy while championing quality engineering processes.

13 year retrospective


Thirteen years is a long time to work with one company. I joke that my years at The Economist were equivalent to a prison sentence and I was up for parole. The truth is, I am grateful for the valuable and varied experiences I had during those years. The technology tools changed so radically, I didn’t need to leave. During that time, I had four completely different jobs working on transformational teams.

Road Trip


A thousand miles of corn I was looking forward to seeing more of the country. Since moving to the USA I’ve primarily visited places for conferences or winter sports. Moving to the Hudson Valley has made travel easier, but we have not explored much beyond New York and neighboring states. Driving across the country would be a great opportunity to see more. Our home life in the Hudson Valley centers around real food.